An Unchanging Love

the world is cyclic
the seasons always change, but
God is my constant


Happy Michael Jackson Day

Ok they need to go ahead and make today a national holiday. Happy Michael Jackson Day! The king of pop would have been 53, today. Gosh it hurts to say would've. We miss you Mike but you live on forever in our hearts.

Baby Knowles-Carter

The world is all abuzz, Queen Bey is with child. Bey and Jay are like our rich aunt and uncle (in our heads) who have been trying to get pregnant, and now it's finally happened. Let us all rejoice! C'mon you know you cried when Jay saluted Bey, don't front.


I haven't lost my faith

haven't lost my faith
but it's been misplaced
it's around here somewhere,
hiding in-between the
piles of tribulations
and the heaps of hardships
my room used to be
so clean and tidy
I used to be able to find
anything, but lately
things have been piling up,
I don't know where
all the dirt is coming from
all this doubt and mistrust
keeps seeping in through
some hidden crack in the window
threatening to drown me alive, but
I can still see a small amount of hope
still gleaming bright
in the midst of it all,
I gotta stay focused on it
gotta keep my eyes locked on it
I can't let this dirt settle
or I'll be trapped in here forever



The new Weeknd Mixtape is here!

love like the wind

the wind wraps itself
around me in an embrace;
I can feel you here


The Sun and the Moon

The ride home tonight got me thinking. In a relationship I think the man is supposed to be like the sun, and the woman like moon. Both are needed, both are necessary, but one can't exist without the other. The mans light should shine so bright that it reflects on his woman. The man was made to toil and till the earth during the day. Traditionally the woman is the gentle spirit, strong and steady like the moon. "She gets up while it is still night" "and her lamp does not go out at night." (Proverbs 31) During the day the man hides his lady away, and protects her from the toil of the day. At night he lets her shine in all her glory, and together they light up the night sky. All the children shine because of the sun and the moon. When one is taking out of the equation, if there is no sun or moon, the stars are there but they don't shine like they're supposed to. When the sun and the moon are in perfect sync, all is right with the world. This discussion could go on forever, you could talk about the rain and thunderstorms and how they relate to the trials and tribulation that any couple must endure. Just thinking about everything makes you consider how vast God is, and how everything he created has a purpose. God doesn't make things just because, everything is connected and everything has meaning.

Just a few of the thoughts swirling around in my head.


Quote Of The Day



the sky is starless
kids don't know how to wish here
all they know is fear


Deep Sea Diving

diving head first off of clavicles
into the this wreckage, with faith
as my only breathing apparatus

swimming steadily through ventricles
lost in this maze of sunken ships
these, remains of the past

trying to unearth some hidden treasure
some buried pearl, searching for any sign
of life, at the bottom of this ocean

navigating through the murkiness
determined to raise to the surface
something in you, that is worth loving


SYTYCD Finale: My Thoughts

Upon hearings Melanie's name called I couldn't help but to feel a tad bit disappointed. I guess I wanted Sasha to win more than I thought I did. I love both Melanie and Sasha and I thought I was going to be happy with either of them taking the title of "America's favorite dancer." There's no denying Melanie's talent, but Sasha had a way of connecting to each piece and making you feel the dance instead of just watching it. I'm just conflicted all the way around. This had to be one of the beast seasons and like Nigel said the real winner tonight was "DANCE!"

I couldn't write this post with posting the clip below.

What an amazing tap performance. It made me that more excited to take tap next year. It's gonna be fun fun fun. I can't wait to purchase my first pair of tap shoes.

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis

I couldn't not post this. Only Yeezy and Jay could ever so stylishly chop up and Maybach, and call it charity. (The chopped and screwed Maybach is being auctioned off to benefit East African drought relief, how cool is that?!!)

Common ft. Nas "Ghetto Dreams" (Official Video)

I hope that the Common/Nas mixtape rumors are more than just rumors...



I just got back from seeing the cardiologist. I had to do a stress test and it was very reminiscent of 50 Cent's In Da Club video. They like every other doctor I've seen this summer, told I was just fine. My heart is healthy and what's more the kid has lost 10 pounds, how 'bout that!? My mom and the doctor wants me to go to the neurologist just to get checked out by them. I feel like were just going down the checklist checking off potential causes for my chest pain. As long as I know it's nothing major like a heart problem, I'm fine.

Riding down the elevator I saw this and immediately starting singing.....
"Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses
Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive"

One of my favorites off the album.

Where The Water Meets The Sky

love never dies
it’s remnants lie
in that place where
the water meets the sky

because of you

you’ve planted seeds in retinas
that have began to sprout in
eyes that have only seen darkness
everything is developing
a bright rosey glow
I am starting to see
the beauty in the ugliness
the light in the darkness
the peace in the chaos
because of you
I am seeing the world
like I’ve never seen it before

everything is illuminated


Last Night

I had a dream
that I bottled up
all my lonely

I poured them
in the tub


I drowned myself
in my own sorrow

Waiting For Superman

through watery eyes
she stares up
at the clouds
trying to make
out the shape of a


Bicycles Move With The Flow Of The Earth

I saw this adorable movie the other day and it has further spurred my desire to own a vintage bike. They are so beautiful and nostalgic...

I must have one!!!


Transforming Conversations

speak life to me
let every word
that you speak
wrap itself around me
like silk strands
of divine insight
and revelation

nestle me in a cocoon
of verbs and metaphors
transforming my soul
and my mind
as I emerge from
the conversation
now a beautiful butterfly


Young Love

How young is too young when love is concerned? This morning my little sister told me how devastated her friend, whose about 17, was after a breakup. In today's you have kids who are 12, 13 years old falling deeply in love. It just doesn't make sense to me. To put all of your emotions and energy into another person at such a young age is just setting yourself up for heartache. I've seen it happen to many times. But on the other hand sometimes, on very rare occasions, young love does work out. There are some couples who have been together since grade school, and they're still going strong. I just feel that kids today rush into relationships to fast. Real relationships take maturity that most adults don't even have. Love is something that takes time and maturity, it's not something that should be rushed.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts, we should treat it like our most prized possession. You know how every home has that one room with all the nice furniture, the room with the white couch. You wouldn't let any ol' Joe enter that room unless you knew they were mature enough to treat it with respect. And you dang sure wouldn't let any immature kids in there. So why do we so easily let people inhabit the sanctuary of hearts? Riddle me that?

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." - Proverbs 4:23


SYTYCD: Sasha & Kent - Contemporary

this is my favorite dance from tonight's SYTYCD, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Sasha and Melanie are my favorite two dancers this years, I'm positive that one them is going to win it all.

Here is another one of my favorite dances from Sasha ft. Twitch. Enjoy. :)

Quote Of The Day


love seems so elusive

love is like a butterfly
that you see from a distance
it's beauty is undeniable
you've even seen it
land on a few shoulders
and now there it is,
right in front of you
but just as you make 
a move towards it,
it flies away........................



Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two will be released to theaters on November 18th, 2011.

"The sequel to the Academy Award®-winning animated smash hit, “Happy Feet 2″ returns audiences to the magnificent landscape of Antarctica, reuniting us with the world’s most famous tap-dancing penguin, Mumble (Elijah Wood), the love of his life, Gloria (Alecia Moore {Pink}) and their old friends Ramon and Lovelace (Robin Williams). Mumble and Gloria now have a son of their own, Erik (EG Daily), who is struggling to find his own particular talents in the Emperor Penguin world. But new dangers are threatening the penguin nation, and it’s going to take everyone working–and dancing–together to save them."