What I've Been Waiting For

I decided to check iamdonald.com out of the blue, since he's been a lil' mia and to my excitment I see this...

a preview of a new song of his upcoming album "Camp"

peep the cover art below

*please excuse me as I do my happy dance*

so what I'm a little late, sue me.



fake gets you ahead
real is depreciated
a plastic nation

dare to break the mold
defy all expectations
you have the power

bills need to be paid
and baby needs some diapers
but I need those J’s

Real Beauty

1 Peter 3:3-4


Bucket List: Salar de Uyuni

Saw this on tumblr a while back and instantly bookmarked it under my travel tab. I want to travel all around the world, this is just one of the many places that I am determined to visit. I also want to stay at the Hotel De Sal Playa, which sits in the middle of the flat, and is made entirely out of salt.


Rascal Flatts - Easy ft. Natasha Bedingfield

This song has been on repeat all day.

I Hate Hospitals

Just got back from the emergency room yikes! To say the least today was an eventful day, and they sent me home with a "come back if it gets worse." So I spent countless hours in terribly smelling waiting rooms for nothing. American health care really does suck, but that's a different subject for a different post. I went to the doctor for chest pains and the doctor refered me to the ER, my family freaked out by I was completely fine. My cousin was even preparing to hope a flight to Texas. They all said my pains were coming from a place of stress and repressed emotion, I don't think that's true but if it is from repressed emotions then I guess I wouldn't agree with them anyhow. O well, all I can do is pray at this point, and make my appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow.


History of Rap, Part 2

this just needed to be on my blog!

p.s. I'm proud of JT and I'm glad he's developing as actor and all, but can we get a new album pleeaasssseeee!!!

A Man Of God

So I'm sitting here catching up on Hawthorne and falling in love with Derek Luke's character. I am upset though that he is the only black male character and he hassss to have a "baby momma drama" storyline. Any who, I love his character because he is a man of God and there's nothing sexxier than a black Christian man. When I say "Christian" I mean a devoted man of God, one who thirsts after God's every word. Not just one who proclaims his walk while wearing a gold cross around his neck. No, I'm talking full devoted, God's word spilling out of his mouth type of guy. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

But then it makes me think about the whole law of attraction  thing. How am I doing on my own walk with Christ. Would my current relationship with God be the type of relationship that would attract a man like that? *let us meditate on that for a moment*.....  I remember learning about the relationship triangle....
basically you are on one side (person 1) and your future spouse is on the other (person 2) and as both of you get closer to God the closer you get to each other, simple right. Well I need to get back on track and  be stronger in my relationship with God. I'm feel like I'm stuck halfway up the triangle, guess I got to comfortable where I was. I need to go back to fervently pursuing after God and chasing him with all that I have, and pray that my person 2 is doing the same.



YELLOW PERIL SUPPORTS BLACK POWER” | Oakland, California [1969]

Random thoughts @ 4am

 being an introvert does not mean I like to be alone.

 misery loves company but so does happiness.

 do people learn how to love or is it innate?

 I think God favors black people.

 is acceptance a reward for mediocrity, for being "normal?"

 Can love really die, can one really fall out of love with another?

 brokenness is beauty, perfection is boring.

 Who will God trust to love me. With who's heart will he trust me with?

 I'm say I'm ready for a serious relationship, but deep down I know I'm not.

I wonder how many innocent people there are in prison and how many guilty people there are walking the streets.

Why don't people believe in love anymore?

Why are British shows better than American ones. I like how foreign movies/shows focus less on theatrics and more on the simple things like dialogue. But why are the seasons so short for British shows?

I think I'm the only nerd that isn't all to excited about the final Harry Potter film. I'll actually be more excited for the upcoming Twilight film. Maybe it's because I actually read the Twilight series. If I had read all of the Potter series I would probably have seen the final film 5x's by know. *makes mental note to finish reading the series*

and finally the Luther Series is amazing (what I'm watching now), Idris Elba rightfully deserves his Emmy nod, wif his fine self. ;) 


Atmosphere - The Last To Say

Saw this video for the first time last night on AMTV and it resonated all to well with me.

The Making of "Ghetto Dreams"

A look into "Ghetto Dreams" w/Common&Nas - B.Kyle from B.Kyle on Vimeo.

"Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins takes the camera to Common & Nas as they colloaborate on a song entitled Ghetto Dreams. Here is a look into what the icons have to share about the venture. Have Fun! -B.Kyle"



Just Keep Stepping

I've been feeling kind of depressed lately. It's about to be my senior year in college and I guess I'm feeling a little apprehensive. I feel like I haven't accomplished all that I wanted to this past 3 years. I feel like I haven't left my mark. But then I have to jump back and check my self. Not to toot my horn but I've done so much these past three years. I mean I'm about to be a freaking senior at Spelman College, there are a lot of women who would love to be in my shoes. I've traveled the country and even manged to add a few stamps to my passport. Is God working in me or what. These past years I have also grown spiritually and next year I'll a Co-Director of on campus ministry. I'm a little nervous but I know that God has me in this position for a reason. Despite all my worries about the upcoming year, despite all my worries about what the future holds, I know that God has my life in his hands.
Proverbs 20:24 says "A man's steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?"
So I sit hear and try to examine my future and try to map out the next phase in my life, I hold fast to the notion that God is up there pulling the strings. He is in ultimate control and I trust Him, for I know that His plans for me a far greater than any thing my finite mind could ever think of. I just have to keep on stepping and trust in His plan for my life. "Just keep stepping, just keep stepping"


Things I Love...

the scenery at my mom's school
tattoo inspirations & stained glass windows
late night froyo runs
when Chinese restaurants underestimate my appetite
good advice ; it says "go shopping"

Nostalgia Ultra

I remember rumors about this spreading around the interwebz last year, but now we know it's real. I am so very very excited about this!!!!!!


Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had

This video is so adorable, I love it!


Casey Anthony Trial

I was going to do a long drawn out post on the trial but decided against it. Mainly because my opinion is completely different than those around me. While that should have been a reason to speak on my opinions, it dissuaded me. I was not surprised at all when the verdict was read. I knew from the very beginning that it would turn out this way. It was obvious.

but anyway here are two articles that so eloquently express some of my thoughts on the trial.




I agree with the first article in that justice did indeed work. I read somewhere that Justice is the process and not the verdict. It's hard for people to see this when they are so emotionally involved in a case. It's sad to think about all the children who die and go missing every day, every hour. I read online that a child goes missing every 40 minutes. Scarey huh? In regards to that I believe that God is a just God and although we are surrounded by chaos and stories like this we can rest assured that God is sovereign. I believe this without a shadow of a doubt.


Current Eargasms

I haven't always been the hugest Kendrick Lamar fan but this album just may change all that. I listened to it the other day all the way through and I haven't listened to album all the way through since, since, I can't even remember. You owe to your self to download this mans album. (legally of course!) Below are a few of my favorites of the album.

Hiii Power - Kendrick Lamar

"Tammy's Song (Her Evils)" - Kendrick Lamar

Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) - Kendrick Lamar ft. RZA

Another song currently on repeat is the full version of Common's "Ghetto Dreams" ft. Nas. The single was supposed to drop a while ago but due to Commons record label switch it was postponed. But now we finally have the full song and it's everything I expected. The old Common is back! Hopefully we'll get some more singles pretty soon.

"Ghetto Dreams" - Common ft. Nas

4th of July

This is my new favorite shirt. I have to give myself props for baring my arms today , I used to hate to show my arms. It has to be the hair, I know it's the hair. Embracing my natural hair has allowed me to embrace me, all of me. I felt free today, and this holiday is all about freedom right. Yay me!

Embrace freedom it's yours for the taking.


Worth A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this picture speaks to me. No it screams at me. I can picture it *cue the dream sequence music* me and the hubby are leaving today on a trip to some foreign land. I wake up in the morning and walk into the kitchen to see this little surprise all set up on the kitchen counter. He walks in and yells surprise. Now I'm even more excited for my overseas photo shoot...... Ahhhhh sounds nice doesn't it.

One dream that I have is to become an international photographer.  I want to travel the world and take beautiful pictures of things that people may never get the chance to see. You know the inspiring feeling you get when you see beautiful pictures of foreign places, I want to be the person to have taken that photo. I just want to travel the world, just me and my camera. That is the dream.



sun rays dance like tiny
ballerinas across seas,
bringing peace to me