A Man Of God

So I'm sitting here catching up on Hawthorne and falling in love with Derek Luke's character. I am upset though that he is the only black male character and he hassss to have a "baby momma drama" storyline. Any who, I love his character because he is a man of God and there's nothing sexxier than a black Christian man. When I say "Christian" I mean a devoted man of God, one who thirsts after God's every word. Not just one who proclaims his walk while wearing a gold cross around his neck. No, I'm talking full devoted, God's word spilling out of his mouth type of guy. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

But then it makes me think about the whole law of attraction  thing. How am I doing on my own walk with Christ. Would my current relationship with God be the type of relationship that would attract a man like that? *let us meditate on that for a moment*.....  I remember learning about the relationship triangle....
basically you are on one side (person 1) and your future spouse is on the other (person 2) and as both of you get closer to God the closer you get to each other, simple right. Well I need to get back on track and  be stronger in my relationship with God. I'm feel like I'm stuck halfway up the triangle, guess I got to comfortable where I was. I need to go back to fervently pursuing after God and chasing him with all that I have, and pray that my person 2 is doing the same.

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