Casey Anthony Trial

I was going to do a long drawn out post on the trial but decided against it. Mainly because my opinion is completely different than those around me. While that should have been a reason to speak on my opinions, it dissuaded me. I was not surprised at all when the verdict was read. I knew from the very beginning that it would turn out this way. It was obvious.

but anyway here are two articles that so eloquently express some of my thoughts on the trial.




I agree with the first article in that justice did indeed work. I read somewhere that Justice is the process and not the verdict. It's hard for people to see this when they are so emotionally involved in a case. It's sad to think about all the children who die and go missing every day, every hour. I read online that a child goes missing every 40 minutes. Scarey huh? In regards to that I believe that God is a just God and although we are surrounded by chaos and stories like this we can rest assured that God is sovereign. I believe this without a shadow of a doubt.

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