Random thoughts @ 4am

 being an introvert does not mean I like to be alone.

 misery loves company but so does happiness.

 do people learn how to love or is it innate?

 I think God favors black people.

 is acceptance a reward for mediocrity, for being "normal?"

 Can love really die, can one really fall out of love with another?

 brokenness is beauty, perfection is boring.

 Who will God trust to love me. With who's heart will he trust me with?

 I'm say I'm ready for a serious relationship, but deep down I know I'm not.

I wonder how many innocent people there are in prison and how many guilty people there are walking the streets.

Why don't people believe in love anymore?

Why are British shows better than American ones. I like how foreign movies/shows focus less on theatrics and more on the simple things like dialogue. But why are the seasons so short for British shows?

I think I'm the only nerd that isn't all to excited about the final Harry Potter film. I'll actually be more excited for the upcoming Twilight film. Maybe it's because I actually read the Twilight series. If I had read all of the Potter series I would probably have seen the final film 5x's by know. *makes mental note to finish reading the series*

and finally the Luther Series is amazing (what I'm watching now), Idris Elba rightfully deserves his Emmy nod, wif his fine self. ;) 

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