We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place

Ok kids gather round it's story time.....

So I'm out shopping with some friends, getting ready for spring break and what not. We head to Old Navy and we're lookg around and then we pass by this fine man and I mean FINE! He was an employee there, and he was standing there folding clothes knowing how good he looked. He was tall, had a curly fro, dude was Latin, and he had a job. Everything I like in man! I instantly fell in love. But (in Atlanta there is always a but) then he walks by and goes "gurllll aint those cayutteee!?" then he sashayed away into a dust cloud. I looked at my friend, threw up my hands and just gave up on Atlanta men forever. (well maybe not forever but you know what I mean.) Then we walked outside and saw another cute guy, but (there it is again) his friend walked up and then he smacked his lips and starting talking about what a girl across the street had on. Ughhhhh..... Atlanta, why must you continually do this to me?


Be The Light

Each year we have an initiviative called dorm sweeps where we go around the campus and do the thing that people hate, take out there trash. It was an amazing oppurtunity to spread the love of Christ around campus hrough service. It's tireing but it is always amazing. ps. we all look a rachet mess but it's ok cause it's not about that lol. (photo credit to my friend Brittany.)

peace, love, & service!

Pineapple Now-Laters

Currently giving me everything I need.

Download it HERE.



Atmosphere - Became from MSB Richfield Creative Media on Vimeo.

The making of:

Behind-the-Scenes Documentary of Atmosphere's "Became" Music Video from MSB Richfield Creative Media on Vimeo.

This is amazing! Couldn't go to sleep wihtout posting this. Oh & if you don't know who Atmosphere is then you are not really living, I mean what are you even doing with your life? I mean really?!?!


I Will Always Love You

What we watched this for our movie night last night. We all cried inside.


Valentine's Day

Today I got the best Valentine's Day gift ever, my tuition was paid. Praise Him. God really showed me How much he loved me today, to Him be the glory. May 20th here I come.

Here's what else I did today:
Wore my favorite shirt, got it overseas, it says One Love in Arabic. Had classes all day. One of my professors brought us Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which I had never tasted. Had dinner with friends. Had a movie night where we watched The Body Guard. *tear*  Filled out an application. In between all of this I listened to the In The Heights soundtrack, probably because I am in love with Lin-Manueal Miranda. (look him up) Now I'm about to watch the Valentine's Day episode of New Girl, sip some tea, and go to bed. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Pre-Valentine's Day

 Attended a banqet where we acknoledged God as the greatest love of all, the source of love in all it's forms.



Let Me Tell You What Heaven Is Like

Everytime I log on to ANYTHING, this picture pops up and this is what I hear. This picture brings me joy. Ok I'm done, goodnight yall, please keep her family in your prayers, especially her daughter Bobbie Kristina we may have lost a legend but she just lost her mother. Pray.


I Can't Speak

I couldn't let the day go without posting this, I just....... I mean he just.........

It's Possible!

*I'll always remember when me and my cousin got into a fight about who was better at hitting the note and the end of "Impossibe" not realizing that neither one of could sing even a little bit. It was a serious fight too, well for kids anyway, we went like a week without talking lol. Oh the memories.*

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Yesterday I was out with a frind shopping it up, preparing for a banquet. Later on that night we stopped by her place, she ran upstairs real quick and then when she got back in the car she dropped the news "Whitney Houston died." I kept saying "What?!" over and over again, I just couldn't believe it, I still can't. Whitney Houston like many of our music icons has always been apart of my life, through all her ups and downs she has always been there. Through it all we loved her and we love her still. That voice of hers will live on after her and far after us, it will be with us always. Thank you God for her amazing gift and for her God given voice, may she rest forever in peace.


Ball So Hard



Lessons From Life: Tap Class

Taking a beginner's tap class has really taught me something about myself. I always seem to doubt myself and my abilities, and to me doubting yourself is the same as doubting God. I always struggle with things and ask for help but when the teacher comes over to help he always says "you got you just have to trust in yourself." When I'm too in my head or worried about getting a move down perfectly it always reflects itself in my feet and I end up stumbling. But when I practice the move and trust in myself my feet just flows and the move comes out right. So from now on in tap class and in life I'm going to trust more in my self and the abilities that God has so graciously given me. I'm not gonna worry about doing something perfectly right away, and I'm not gonna be in my head so much. I'm gonna have the patience to learn and to execute with total trust in myself, and when I do that I know I'll be successful every time.

Swoon Worthy: Andre 3000 in the new Gillette "Masters of Style" commercial

I saw this commercial in the gym last night and I almost fell off the treadmill when André 3000 graced the screen. I hope to see more of him this year, instead of just hearing his genius flow on song features. Thanks you Gillette for this wonderful commercial, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Bonus videos:

"Masters of Style" Andre 3000 Styles

André 3000 Benjamin Talks Style


If I made music...

Nicolas Jaar - I Got A Woman

It would sound something like this.

Inglewood always up to no good


Club Deuce Deuce

So Thursday was the B-Day I turned the big Deuce Deuce. At first I hadn't planned anything because it was a Thursday and I had classes and homework to do, but I have great friends and they made it special. They brought me gifts at lunch and later we went out to my favorite Atlanta sushi spot. The night was filled with laughter and love and I couldn't have asked for anything better.
Deuce Deuce
fried tempura ice cream, demolished
Obviously Kroger doesn't know it's almost Valentine's Day
My face get's so pale in the winter, and my eyebrows look terrible but I'm not complaining. lol. Overall I had a great day and It was definitely a birthday to remember. My last birthday in undergrad :(


Hello, February

My favorite month of the year. First, because it's my birthday month which is crazy because come tomorrow I'll be 22. Secondly, February is black history month. Thirdly, because it's valentines day. Plus february is just a romantic month, the favorite month of hopless romatics everywhere.

January went by so fast and was so good to me, I can't wait to see all that February has to offer. I do have one goal and that's to REALLY try to get my sleeping pattern straight. Other than that I have the same goals I had for the New Year, to read more, to drink more water, and to maintain my fitness routune.

So let's raise a glass a toast one for February. Cheers!