Lessons From Life: Tap Class

Taking a beginner's tap class has really taught me something about myself. I always seem to doubt myself and my abilities, and to me doubting yourself is the same as doubting God. I always struggle with things and ask for help but when the teacher comes over to help he always says "you got you just have to trust in yourself." When I'm too in my head or worried about getting a move down perfectly it always reflects itself in my feet and I end up stumbling. But when I practice the move and trust in myself my feet just flows and the move comes out right. So from now on in tap class and in life I'm going to trust more in my self and the abilities that God has so graciously given me. I'm not gonna worry about doing something perfectly right away, and I'm not gonna be in my head so much. I'm gonna have the patience to learn and to execute with total trust in myself, and when I do that I know I'll be successful every time.

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