We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place

Ok kids gather round it's story time.....

So I'm out shopping with some friends, getting ready for spring break and what not. We head to Old Navy and we're lookg around and then we pass by this fine man and I mean FINE! He was an employee there, and he was standing there folding clothes knowing how good he looked. He was tall, had a curly fro, dude was Latin, and he had a job. Everything I like in man! I instantly fell in love. But (in Atlanta there is always a but) then he walks by and goes "gurllll aint those cayutteee!?" then he sashayed away into a dust cloud. I looked at my friend, threw up my hands and just gave up on Atlanta men forever. (well maybe not forever but you know what I mean.) Then we walked outside and saw another cute guy, but (there it is again) his friend walked up and then he smacked his lips and starting talking about what a girl across the street had on. Ughhhhh..... Atlanta, why must you continually do this to me?

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