"The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized." A poem by Lupe Fiasco

Idiot boxes of the world unite! To fight off the effects of intelligence, replace smart quotes with fart jokes, substitute sense with scenes from Martin, let the baby's bathe in that glow and learn all manner of things they don't really need to know!

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

Channel the content of some rambling nonsense deep into the annals of yo' subconscious, deprogram and depress chasing some televised success, be them, that, they and those be everything but in control,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

Small claims Court drama, teenage baby mamas, Osama watching Osama, Celebrity Endorsed indoor saunas, the perfectly cooked piraña and other cannonfodder for you to ponder, all at the speed of imitations of life while the smoke of war gets inhaled thru the peace pipes, be still my beating heart and scare my brain from thinking thoughts as i sit intoxicated by the delights, sarcasm and 3 strikes thrown by my favorite pitcher in a sound surrounded, 3 dimensional, high death, full color mixture, wholly unsocializing and completely uncensored,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

By this one-eyed monster most of the world was raised, and by this hero most of the world was saved, and to this master most of the world is slaves, it factors your fears with actors and cheers from a live studio audience pushing you to engage in a heroic act of thoughtlessness for the grand prize of a little bread, fleeting fame in the circus and every thought in yo head,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

"Ain't no changing me" said my flat screen TV, No More Che's to the rescue, or Black Panthers to correct you, just coaxial cables and satellite signals to connect you to a world that doesn't really look like it does on TV, where everything is much shorter, fatter, uglier and in disorder, where u have to do it now because there are no digital recorders where if the present gets boring you can just fast forward,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

So there will be no revolution, or paradoxically ironic televised public execution of the entire worldwide televising institution, there wont even be a celebritized, televised trial of old baby blue, cuz you see my dear friends the television will not be revolutionized but what about the revolution that should taking place inside......................of you?

By Wasalu "Lupe Fiasco" Jaco in Dedication to that guiding light of a human being Gil-Scott Heron

(via LupeFiasco.com)

Maybe I'm just a dreamer....

Is it wrong for me to believe in fairy tales? I mean is wrong for me to believe that the man of my dreams will ride into my life on a metaphorical white horse. (or a literal one, hey I dream BIG) Is wrong for me to believe that I’ll meet a Christian guy who is close to God. A guy with a college education who grew up with both his parents (let's be honest that’s pretty rare these days, especially in the black community) A guy secure with his feelings and emotions. A guy who treats me with total respect and understands me for me. A guy who thinks I’m gorgeous, who thinks I’m sexxy but doesn’t dare pressure me to have sex because like me he’s waiting for marriage. (see I told you I dream big) Is it wrong for me to believe that fairy tales actually happen. Whenever I talk to my family or friends about this they just scoff at me a look a me with eyes as to say “awww Myss your so naive.” And sometimes I wonder is I am just a naive virgin waiting for something that may never happen. But then my heart asks my brain to shut up and believe that fairy tales can happen and dreams do come true. I believe in fairy tales, how about you?

Hairspiration: Yvette Nicole Brown

Lately I've been obsessed with all thing Community. *receives late pass* As I watch the show I'm always drawn to Yvette Brown's hair, so I decided to do some research and I found this old facebook post she posted back in 2009. Then more recently, I came across this interview she did with CurlyNikki.com where she said the following:
"I feel like every black woman should go natural at least once in her life, just to see what she has! As I said before, most of us don't know what's growing out of our heads because we've been processed most of our lives. If you go natural and your texture is something you can't or don't wanna work with every morning, then it's easy to go back to a press or relaxer or braids. But what if you have a beautiful head of kinky/curly spirals or ringlets just waiting to have their moment to shine?"
I think this quote PERFECTLY describes my current state of mind in regards to my own hair. Hopefully there is a beautiful head of kinky/curly spirals or ringlets on top of this head of mine, that is about to have it's shining moment. We shall see, won't we!

R.I.P. to the Godfather of rap Gil Scott-Heron
April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011


Quote of the Day

"The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.  Whether he's got an abscess on his knee or in his soul."

- Rona Barrett

Nubian Nuggets

This past weekend my lil' sister graduated high school. I'm so proud of her. I was so happy to see all my family, I hadn't seen them since I've been back in town. We always have so much fun together as evident in this photos.

My sister and her friends.
Brothers and Sisters.
w/ mi madre

One big happy family.
My niece is growing up so fast.

swag swag

and more swag
I get it from my mamma!

I entitled this post Nubian nuggets in reference to my hair. I was doing a twist out but my mom and sister loved my bantu knots. They kept telling me to wear it like that, but I was hesitant. I'm still learning to be proud of my "transitioning" hair. I braved it out and wore my hair in bantu knots and, to my surprise, everybody loved it . My family has really been skeptical about me going natural but I think the idea is growing on them My cousin called them nubian nuggets and I think that's what I'm going to call them from now on.


"they call me Chi-town's Nas"

I tweeted this a while ago....
And yesterday (about two months later) my prayers were answered. A short snippet showed up online of what is reportedly the first single off his upcoming album The Dreamer,The Believer. The song is entitled "Ghetto Dreams" and features Nas. It's only a snippet but it's better than nothing. Can't wait to hear the full version, which officially drops June 23rd.

Common ft. Nas "Ghetto Dreams" (snippet)(the song is produced by NO I.D)

Quote of The Day

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

- E.E. Cummings  

(one of my personal favs)

Chapter Camp 2011

Each year we travel up to the Georgia mountains for an incredible week of learning, fellowship, and communion w/ the most high. Each year offers new opportunities and experiences. At first I wasn't gonna go. I was so homesick (I hadn't seen my family since Christmas) and I didn't wanna spend anymore time than I had to away from home. But I'm sooooooo glad I decided to go. I really need this week to rejuvenate my spirit. Here a few moments from that incredible week.

Stole this one from my friends facebook. This is us in front of Spelman loading up the van.
The blob! Every time I look at it I'm reminded of "Fat Camp"
Also stole this one, why b/c I look cute in it lol. This us just chillin' and worshiping in the stream.

We made a map of old testament places and events.
Jonah in the belly of the fish.

Us at the top of  the mountain after waking up a 5am to hike. It's tradition.
Praising the God for a wonderful, blessed week of community, communion, and conversation w/ Him. Glory!


Get To Know Me

(song: Get To Know Me by Mateo)
Playing around w/ the bow from my cousins gift basket.

10 random facts about me:
  1. My real name is indeed Myss, most people think I'm lying when I say that. Myss is the name that father gave me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  2. I'm 21 as of groundhogs day 2011. Yay I can legally drink now, even though I rarely do.
  3. I stand 5'2 short people rule the world!
  4. I'm obsessed with any music that Lupe or Common puts out. (well maybe not the entire UMC album but you get the point)
  5. I am a rising senior at the illustrious Spelman College.
  6. My favorite color is purple followed by yellow and black. Black and yellow, black and yellow.
  7. Avid Lakers fan! Oh shut up! 
  8. I believe all things all possible, nothing is off limits to those that believe.
  9. I am a reformed tv junkie, I say reformed b/c College has a way of keeping your eyes in the books and off the television screen. I really don't watch tv liked I used to, we all just catch up online anyways right.
  10. Avid reader. I love books. My favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird" for more reasons than I can explain in this post.

Tabula Rasa

What up blogosphere, it's been a while. I've decide to give this blog another try. I'm starting fresh, completely wiping the slate clean. If you noticed I've deleted all my old post and even changed my name. This time it's going to be different and I'm going to try to update this blog more often. Tumblr has been good to me but I need a bigger space to express all the ideas, dreams, and random musings that bombard my mind. This is going to be my outlet.

I'm on a journey to become all that God has created me to be. So hop on in the car and come witness this journey with me. Make sure you buckle up and keep all arms inside the car. Keep all eyes on the road ahead. Note:  this ride is not for the faint at heart, only the brave need apply. So if you're ready hop on in and let's go, full speed ahead. Where we stop nobody knows.