Hairspiration: Yvette Nicole Brown

Lately I've been obsessed with all thing Community. *receives late pass* As I watch the show I'm always drawn to Yvette Brown's hair, so I decided to do some research and I found this old facebook post she posted back in 2009. Then more recently, I came across this interview she did with CurlyNikki.com where she said the following:
"I feel like every black woman should go natural at least once in her life, just to see what she has! As I said before, most of us don't know what's growing out of our heads because we've been processed most of our lives. If you go natural and your texture is something you can't or don't wanna work with every morning, then it's easy to go back to a press or relaxer or braids. But what if you have a beautiful head of kinky/curly spirals or ringlets just waiting to have their moment to shine?"
I think this quote PERFECTLY describes my current state of mind in regards to my own hair. Hopefully there is a beautiful head of kinky/curly spirals or ringlets on top of this head of mine, that is about to have it's shining moment. We shall see, won't we!

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