Maybe I'm just a dreamer....

Is it wrong for me to believe in fairy tales? I mean is wrong for me to believe that the man of my dreams will ride into my life on a metaphorical white horse. (or a literal one, hey I dream BIG) Is wrong for me to believe that I’ll meet a Christian guy who is close to God. A guy with a college education who grew up with both his parents (let's be honest that’s pretty rare these days, especially in the black community) A guy secure with his feelings and emotions. A guy who treats me with total respect and understands me for me. A guy who thinks I’m gorgeous, who thinks I’m sexxy but doesn’t dare pressure me to have sex because like me he’s waiting for marriage. (see I told you I dream big) Is it wrong for me to believe that fairy tales actually happen. Whenever I talk to my family or friends about this they just scoff at me a look a me with eyes as to say “awww Myss your so naive.” And sometimes I wonder is I am just a naive virgin waiting for something that may never happen. But then my heart asks my brain to shut up and believe that fairy tales can happen and dreams do come true. I believe in fairy tales, how about you?

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