SYTYCD Finale: My Thoughts

Upon hearings Melanie's name called I couldn't help but to feel a tad bit disappointed. I guess I wanted Sasha to win more than I thought I did. I love both Melanie and Sasha and I thought I was going to be happy with either of them taking the title of "America's favorite dancer." There's no denying Melanie's talent, but Sasha had a way of connecting to each piece and making you feel the dance instead of just watching it. I'm just conflicted all the way around. This had to be one of the beast seasons and like Nigel said the real winner tonight was "DANCE!"

I couldn't write this post with posting the clip below.

What an amazing tap performance. It made me that more excited to take tap next year. It's gonna be fun fun fun. I can't wait to purchase my first pair of tap shoes.

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