Halloween 2011

I know it's late but I had to tell you guys about my Halloween festivities. Halloween weekend was so much fun, and unexpected. I thought I was going to spend the weekend shut up in my room doing homework. At the last minute I was invited to a party and decided to go even though I didn’t know anyone there. I’m so glad that I did though, it was so much fun and I met a lot of cool people. Towards the end of the night we braved the Atlanta chill and went outside to carve pumpkins. My friend and I carved this one, she drew it free hand and wee both carved it out. I have to say we did a pretty awesome job for first timers. *pats self on the back* On Halloween I got to spend time with friends and I watched my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. Over all Halloween 2011 was one of the best Halloween's I ever had, definitely one for the books!

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