Justice For Trayvon: The Atlanta Rally For Justice

I'm still on a spiritual high from yesterday's rally at the Atlanta Capitol Building. Looking around and seeing all the faces of people who were fed up and ready to shake things up inspired me to no end. What really got me was when I saw a kid with a hoodie holding a sign that said "Am I Next" and in that moment I pictured my nephews and what society things of them. I though about how they love walking around the neighborhood and how it's nothing for them to get up throw on a hoodie and walk to the store for some candy and tea. I thought about all things and prejudices they will face growing up in a society that devalues them. Digesting it all brought tears to my eyes.

I was also inspired by the diversity within the crowd. It was definitely a majority of black people but there were white people, Latino people, and other people from various walks of life who were genuinely angered by the blatant injustice of the whole situation. Throughout the night the presence of the Lord was definitely there. When the entire crowed bowed there heads to sing and pray I began to cry again. God's presence was heavy.

Overall I think it was successful in uniting the people behind a common cause and helping others see what we've been seeing all our lives. I feel that this case is definitely a "Rosa Parks" situation for our generation, the spark that exposes the problem that America has swept under the rug for so long. I just hope that it doesn't stop here, we have to prepare ourselves for the long haul.

Although I look terrible in this pic, you can definitely tell how angry I was. This was after I had my whole revelation about the case.

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