Life: SGA Debates & Obama Rally

My friend is such a paparazzi.
My friend, Michael Eric Dyson, & I.

Janelle Monae & Keshia Knight Pulliam were also on the panel.
me & my paparazzi friend, they say the only way to beat 'em is to join 'em sooooo...
A while back we had to decide rather to go to the Obama rally at Clark or the Spelman SGA debates, we decided to go to both. Honestly I only went to the rally to see my girl Janelle Monae, who I still have yet to get a picture with. I've seen her twice and have no proof of it, I still in my emotions about it. She dipped so fast but Dyson and Pulliam stayed for a while and took pictures with the crowd. Overall it was a great experience. The SGA debates was the usual coonery that it always is. As the year comes to a close every event I go to with my friends is bittersweet. I'm really gonn miss the good ol' AUC.

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