Christmas 2011

Family, friends, food, and laughter. This Christmas was everything. I had way more fun that I thought I would. It was a pretty low-key day at first but later on that night we had a Christmas shindig at one of my cousins house. It was cool because I had the chance to see people I hadn't seen in years. Going away to school has really distanced me from some people, and it was cool to catch up. Here are a few pics from that joyous day.

get into my fro. ( a year ago I would've never worn my hair out like this, oh how mindsets can change.)
our gigantic Christmas Tree. (we couldn't even put the angel on the top)
A few things I got from my mom:
(she knows me too well!)
Parisian Dreams. I've wanted a poster like this for a long time, I can't wait to get it back to my dorm room.
I knew someone was gonna get me a hard copy of the new Common album, my family knows the love I have for this man and his music.
Overall it was a great Christmas definitely one I'll remember. I hope you had a great holiday season, and remember that the spirit of Christmas does not have to be contained to one day. As my mom put it, we should celebrated everyday like it's Christmas because after all Jesus is worth it everyday!

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  1. amazing gifts especially that Common--santa was really good to you :)

    p.s you are so pretty w/ that fro <3