Fly Like Paper Cranes

I'm obsessed with all things birds, so I decided to learn how to make paper cranes. Turns out it's pretty easy. I plan on getting some origami paper so I can make tons more to hang all over my room. (how hipster of me right?) I also wanna bring back some Christmas lights from home to hang up over my bed. (again so very hipster) Anyways I think they look pretty cool. Sorry the pics are so dark.

A while back I wrote a poem about paper cranes and I thought I'd share it with you guys, It's called Origami.


you took me in your hands and molded me
fold by fold you brought me to life
you gave me wings and
through me towards the sky
by day I soar amongst the clouds
and at night you hang me from the stars
and watch me twinkle in the twilight
and there I dangle and dance in praise
with my paper crane neck arched upwards
in total admiration

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