My Life Right Now
  •  My hair is growing so much :)
    • I wish I had a better camera to take pics with, my other one broke. :(
  • I just tried OPI nail polish for the first time,yea I know,(you can kinda see it in the first pic) and I'm in love with it. It's lasted for so long. I see now why people love it so much.
  • The semester is over which means I'm one step closer to graduating. :)
    • Real life is quickly approaching though, and I'm having mixed feelings about it.
  • I should be finishing my thesis proposal but instead I think I'll start season 5 of The Wire.
  • I'm currently listening to Camp on Spotify and falling more in love with Donald Glover.
  • I can't wait to go home to Dallas this weekend :)
    • Hopefully I'll have a job when I get there. (Please Jesus!)
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"I like black girls who nerdy but when they dance they saying 'Owwww'"

1 comment:

  1. your hair looks beautiful!

    Wow, its amazing haha I love natural hair :)

    Yay for the semester ending I still have 2 more weeks don't worry the real world will open up to your mixed feelings soon enough, I'm scared too haha

    P.S. Great song love me some childish gambino love that lyric