Dear Dad

standing in line
I see a girl playing with her father
and I try not to cry
it’s been years since you died
but it’s still hard sometimes
the other day
I watched “Father of the Bride”
and it made me sad
it mad me miss you
it made me realize that
when the pastor says
“Who gives the bride away?”
you won’t be there to say “I do”

you won’t be there to walk me down the aisle
but I believe you’ll be there in spirit
looking down at me with a smile
It’s comforting to me to know
that you’ll be able to see
if he’s the right guy for me
thanks in advance,
for your heavenly assistance
I know we’ll meet again someday
but until then I know you’ll stay
perched in heaven watching over me

for the rest of my life
when I’m a wife
I pray that he'll loves me as much as yo do
when I’m a mother
I hope I have a son that looks just like you
when I’m a grandmother
I’ll tell your great grand children all about you
so as I journey through
I know I can look up and always see your eyes
glowing brightly, twinkling in the twilight
watching over us all, and in the end
when we meet again,

together we’ll be
my hand in your hand
me, a little girl all over again
taking long overdue walks with my father
down golden streets
you with me, together for eternity
as father and daughter in His celestial city
but until then
I’ll be satisfied knowing
you’re in perfect peace
pain free
looking out for me and the entire family

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