Moments of Serenity

My little piece of serenity yesterday...

Everyday I try to find a peaceful spot to sit, think, or write. A peaceful moment in my day were I dream and thank the Lord for all his many blessings. A peaceful moment were I pause all the burdensome thoughts in my head.

I think it's important to seek out these moments in our daily lives, even if they are but a mere one second break from the days reality. Even if I have to turn on the faucet and imagine that I'm in some foreign land, sitting on the beach listening to the beautiful roar of the ocean. Even if I have to spend a few extra seconds in the shower praying and singing, I will find my daily moment of serenity. These moments remind me that the day's problems/worries are not really as big as they seem. They also remind me that my God is bigger than anything and that He orders my steps.

p.s. I have decided that in the future I want to build a Koi pond or a water garden, they are so beautiful and tranquil.

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