What God Puts Together...

You are an extension of God’s love for me. He created your arms to hold me, to fill a void in my heart that God himself created with the intention, that I would trust Him enough, to wait for you to come into my life and fill it. And trust him I did, I trusted Him with my whole heart, and I offered it up to him. It wasn't easy but love is sacrifice. He took it and purified and prepared it just for you. So I present it to you, pure and unadulterated, unblemished by another man's impression. I give it to you fearlessly, knowing that God has prepared you and taught you how to take care of it. We both know that it won’t always be easy, but as long as we keep our trust in Him  who put us together, we know that nothing and no one can set us asunder. 

*daydreaming about my future husband. now that I read this it sounds like wedding vows. kinda strange. I hope I not becoming one of those desperate for love type of girls. ughhhh.

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